Twinsense And Sensibility
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 5, 2011
Written by Mark Driscoll
Directed by David Jackson
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"Double Dibs"
"Over Exposed"
During a nightly run, Emma runs into Alec, who seems to have been following her, and he offers her a ride home. Alec tells Ted that he needs to keep an eye on her to prevent her from finding out any sort of information. Meanwhile, Char seems to believe that Sutton, Mads, and herself are drifting apart as best friends: Sutton sides with Laurel when it comes to who should date Justin and Mads is having a secret affair with her ballet instructor without telling her. This sudden paranoia comes from Nisha, who after joining ballet at her tennis coach's request, tries to break up their friendship. Back in L.A., Sutton and Thayer are able to zoom in on the old photograph of Emma and their birth mother and find out that it was taken in rural Fillmore, CA. Emma experiences a nightmare in which she is trapped in an unknown place and is unable to breathe, assuming that she must have been drowning. Sutton, who had also experienced the same nightmare in the past, encourages Emma to tap into her childhood memories, as Sutton thinks that Emma is the key to finding their birth mother. Laurel stages a confession in which she takes the blame for stealing Sutton's laptop as opposed to Ethan, who was to be on trial for the crime, saying that it was to repay Sutton for setting her up with Justin. Later, when Emma meets up with Ethan in the middle of the night, he tries to help her recover her memories to no avail. When Emma sees the sparks from their fire rise into the starry sky, she suddenly remembers that she wasn't drowning in her nightmare at all - she was trapped in a fire when she was young. With this information in hand, Sutton and Thayer are able to locate the burnt home in Fillmore and Emma is able to remember many details of her childhood home, from the swing in the doorway to the stars painted on the ceiling. Sutton then finds the name "Annie Hobbs" also painted on the ceiling and Emma immediately thinks that it was the name of their mother. Alec and Ted are beginning to get more suspicious of Sutton and it is clear that they are hiding something about Annie and the girls' past, while Kristen seems to not know anything about the situation at all.