Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 15, 2011
Written by Teleplay: Charles Pratt, Jr.
Directed by Mark Piznarski
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"Being Sutton"
Prior to the events that occurred in the pilot, Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer found out that they were identical twins that were separated at birth. Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family at a young age. Emma was placed in the foster care system her whole life. After her foster brother, Travis, frames her for stealing from her foster mother, Emma goes on the run and decides to meet up with Sutton. Already having leads on their birth parents, Sutton wants to go to Los Angeles and find more information about them, convincing Emma to take her place for the next few days. In Sutton's place, Emma manages to slightly confuse the Mercers (although they don't suspect a thing) and break up with Sutton's cheating "fake" boyfriend. Along the way, Emma meets Ethan, Sutton's secret boyfriend who soon figures out her secret. After Sutton mysteriously doesn't show up at their scheduled meeting place, they both agree to continue the charade until Sutton returns. Someone breaks into Sutton's room and steals her laptop. A scene is then shown of Sutton, sitting in a car, listening to the radio. The car door suddenly opens and Sutton lets out a gasp.