Over Exposed
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date September 12, 2011
Written by Tamar Laddy
Directed by Elodie Keene
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"Twinsense And Sensibility"
"Bad Boys Break Hearts"
As the homecoming dance is approaching, Emma (as Sutton) is pressured to run for homecoming queen. She initially drops out of the race, but after realizing that Char and Mads have done a lot on her campaign, and the fact that it would be too suspicious for her to not go through with it, she reluctantly agrees to run against Nisha. Laurel's boyfriend Justin is also running for homecoming court and she enlists herself as his campaign manager. In L.A., Sutton and Thayer continue the search for Annie, but get a bit discouraged when they find out that there are hundreds of women with the name "Annie Hobbs" in the United States. When Alec and Emma are going through his old high school photos, he comes across a picture of his younger self, Alec, and a mystery girl and proceeds to tear it out of the album. Ethan and Kristen find out that Emma is actually a very talented artist and they begin to wonder if any of her birth parents had the same skills. When Eduardo comes to Mads' house to talk about the status of her relationship, Alec comes home early and she hides him a closet. While in hiding, Eduardo overhears a phone conversation between Alec and an unknown nurse. Alec tells her to watch out for Sutton if she ever comes looking for Annie. Meanwhile, Sutton is clearly upset when Emma informs her that she is running for homecoming queen in her place and reminds her that she will take her life back. When Sutton rants to Ethan about Emma taking over her life, he defends Emma and tells her that she most likely never had the intention of telling the world about their relationship and breaks it off with her. At the homecoming dance, Sutton and Justin win the title of homecoming queen and king. During the king-and-queen dance, Ethan shows up and cuts in, asking Emma for a dance. They then share a kiss in the middle of the dance floor, officially publicizing their relationship. Alec receives a picture message of Mads and Eduardo (most likely from Nisha) and confronts Mads. When she admits that Eduardo was indeed inside their house earlier, he goes to confront him about the phone call that he might have overheard, only to be interrupted by Mads at the door. When Sutton sees the homecoming photos online, she stares at screen in disbelief when she comes across a picture of Emma and Ethan's kiss. As revenge, Sutton begins to make out with Thayer, who obviously had feelings for her despite the fact that she had a boyfriend. Emma finds the photo that Ted hid and figures out that it was a picture of Ted, Alec, and Annie as teenagers. At the end of the episode in an unknown hospital, the girls' mother, Annie, is shown furiously painting a portrait of twin girls, while many other like portraits are seen in the background.