Being Sutton
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date August 22, 2011
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Directed by Wendey Stanzler
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"Double Dibs"
With no word from Sutton, Emma must continue to take her place until she returns from Los Angeles. She also learns of "the lying games", a series of uploaded pranks Sutton and her friends used to play. Emma takes dancing lessons from Ethan to take Sutton's place at an upcoming father-daughter dance. Meanwhile, Laurel becomes suspicious of the new-and-improved Sutton and even gets a bit jealous. She later catches Emma with Ethan and assumes that Sutton is involved in a relationship with him. Emma defends Sutton's best friends, including standing up for Char against her over-the-top mother and starts to bond with them. At the dance, Emma (as Sutton) is thrown into a fight with Madeline and her drunk father, resulting in Ethan slamming him against a wall as a way of defending Emma. At home, Sutton's mother finds Emma's cell phone and confusingly answers a call from her foster brother, asking for an "Emma". Later, Sutton video-chats Emma, telling her that she has faced a few setbacks in L.A. and has to stay in town for a few more days. Sutton also discovers that Ethan has found out about Emma, whom she had never spoken to him about. As she logs off, it is shown that Sutton is actually working with Thayer, Madeline's brother who's trying to make it in L.A. despite his father's disapproval. Laurel tells her parents about Sutton and Ethan after her father becomes suspicious of him after what happened at the dance and they go upstairs to confront her about it, only to find that Ethan was in her room. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Madeline's father was behind the theft of Sutton's laptop, meaning that he also has some secrets of his own.